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Bronze Coin / Front and Back View

I'm a bronze challenge coin not really, I'm actually a "Redemption Coin".  A symbolic reminder to you that Jesus has paid the ultimate sacrifice for our,  your and my sin.  If you will carry me with you daily I am guaranteed to remind you of who you are in Christ! 

If you will keep me in your pocket or purse, everytime your hand touches me your sense of awarness will be stimulated hopefully causing a reaction of praise and thankfulness.

In our busy lives it is too easy to become distracted with the everyday! The busy! And the mundane!  My challenge is to keep you focused.... Let me help you in your quest for victory!

Bronze Coin / Front and Back View

Excluding Sales Tax
  • These coins are zinc alloy with either bronze or silver plating.

    Each coin has a 3D image effect on both sides and are 38.1 mm in dia. and 3.5mm thick. 

    Coins arrive in a clear poly bag 

    Not for human consumption!!

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