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Coin Description / Front & Back

The front to our coins emphasize The Saviours Blood,


Jesus | One Man | One Way | One Drop! 


On the front you can also see and feel the symbolic hand of Jesus in a 3d image along with the nail holding him on the cross as a sacrifice for our sin.

Then there is the "Blood Drop" His spilled blood, His sacrifice, His atonement for sin.


As we read the back one can interpolate the following message:


1. Redeemed by Jesus' Blood

2. In parenthesis we first see "ME" (Thank You Jesus)

3. Next we see "U"  (You are saved by Jesus' Blood also)

4. Lastly in parenthesis we see "US" (as in all of us who believe on Him)


Coin Description / Front & Back

Excluding Sales Tax
  • If you desire the bronze coin you can purchase it here, or you can go to the silver collection to purchase the silver coin. No matter which coin you choose we beleive you will be extermely happy.

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